Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last stop Cape May NJ

Last stop on the itinerary, Cape May NJ...It had been brutally hot from the start of this road trip and it finally cooled down. We enjoyed a perfect day on the beach and the Dolphins liked it too. They were popping out of the water all day.

Assateague Island Preserve

The Auction

Made me sad to think those cute little foals would be sold and that the mares would swim back to Assateague without their babies.

Chincoteguea Ponies

These ponies and their foals were eye candy. I could have stayed and photographed them from dawn to dusk...Too bad I left my camera in the car and did not realize it til we boarded the boat to take us to see the swim. Amazing.

from DC to Annapolis - Naval Academy right near our B&B

road trip continues and everything is backwards

Patti and I reflected in the Vietnam Memorial...her husband served. The Lincoln Memorial and Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party at the Phillips...I love this painting.

road trip july 2010

Took a road trip with travel companion Patti at bottom...dressed just right to blend in as she took a peak at the scenery. That was in Harve de Grace. Second Stop DC WWII Memorial