Friday, May 30, 2014

Exhibit at Pennington Athletic Club

The Pennington Athletic Club supports local artists by providing a full wall to hang images.  I am scheduled for June 2014. Just a few short days away.  I am putting together a variety of images some in color, some sepia, some canvas and some dibond. 

This will be displayed on Canvas Wrap
This will be displayed in a black frame printed on Dibond

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at Fiddleheads in Jamesburg

My mother is preparing for hip surgery and I have had the pleasure of accompanying her to many of her pre-surgery doctor visits.  After these visits she insists on taking me to lunch.  Princeton Orthopedics has an office in Monroe so after our appointment she instructed me to drive into Jamesburg so we could search out a restaurant.  I eyed Fiddleheads and pulled over.  We checked out the menu and noticed the white cloths on the tables and decided to go in.  What a delightful experience we had from start to finish.  Our host seated us at a table for two near a window and in a small cozy nook.  We were introduced to our waitress who attended to us with perfection.  We both decided to try the soup of the day, a delicious Cream of Mushroom.  My mother ordered the Ciao BellaBurger;  A Dijon basted Portobello mushroom with red pepper mayo and provolone.  I would have ordered the same thing, but since we are tasters, I ordered the Crab Provolone Melt so we could try both.   Our plates came with a pile of salad, home made dressing, a small dish of Cole Slaw and pickles.  I was pleased when Chef Dan came out of the kitchen to check on us.  Although I tried to convince my mother it was my turn to treat she would hear no such thing.  However, she did allow me to pay 1/2 and we both agreed to over tip, extending our bill to $20 each. 
What more can you ask of a restaurant?  We received excellent service,  a tableside visit from the chef, delicious food, nicely presented at a reasonable cost, and the ambiance was just right. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I have been gathering up some of my framed art for show at PEAC.
Suddenly I feel a great sense of disillusion.  What if nothing sells?
I grabbed all the images printed on Dibond from LFDPNJ since they are only open 3 days a week and exposure is so limited by that.
I took two back from Seasons Garden Center...damaged unfortunately, and needing reframing from price sticker residue on frames. 
I have donated and gifted many an image and wonder if that is what I will be doing more of than selling. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Foils, Foibles and Follies of MaraBella and Me

It isn't always about me....candid capture of Furman giving a little loven.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Delaware Views Hues of Red Happy Memorial Day

I cant help but experience a sense of pride as an American.  I respect the military and am glad  a day is set aside to remember the lives lost fighting for country.  Yet I cant help but wish for a day when war is extinct and men and women who share this planet can live in peace.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Funday at the New Jersey State Museum

The NJ State Museum is not far from home and I have been there on several occasions to view exhibits.  The last exhibit was a very touching presentation of NJ's involvement in the events of 911. This time, my sister extended an invitation to see a play in the auditorium, and I accepted.  We attended a small cast performance called Roebling: The Story of the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was a fascinating story about the Roebling family's efforts to build the bridge and the trials and tribulations that ensued. I don't know about you, but I rarely consider the men and women who gave their all so that I could cross a river over or underground.  I think in the future I will do so more often, taking less for granted.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at the Peacock Cafe

I can't say enough about the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton.  I have been there multiple times and never tire of it.  This last visit was one of the best, with all of Seward Johnson's sculptures from around the country home to view.  Most of the time, I go with my good friend Kathy and we lunch at Rats.  Rats is a special place with outside seating on the pond, reminiscent of Claude Monet's Giverny.  We throw care to the wind and our dollars too as Rats is rather pricey.  On my most recent visit, I brought out of town guests and they chose the Peacock Café which is cafeteria style.

  It is located in the Domestic Arts building with both indoor and outdoor garden seating.  Guests preferred indoors.  I would rate the experience far below that of Rats.  I think the best thing about the Peacock Café is that the real peacocks are fed nearby so they are always available for photo ops. 


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Delaware News: Preparing for the PEAC Art Exhibit

Took a ride over to the Pennington Athletic Club to check out the wall space for the art exhibit there.  The current artist has over 30 images hanging.  There are ten 24 x 72 panels.  My goal for today is to plan how to arrange my images on them and prepare my price list.  While there,  I learned that they do NOT sell off the wall, but direct potential buyers to the artist.  Really hope something sells.  I have no idea how I am going to get everything I want to present into my Audi for delivery. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Foils, Foibles and Follies of MaraBella and Me

Only sculpted dogs allowed at Grounds for Sculpture and they were all over. 
Sorry MaraBella!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents: Friends

 Recently I have had house guests.  A two night visit from a women I knew as a girl and traveled through elementary school with and a longer stay from friends I met not that long ago traveling the internet. There are so many opportunities to nurture friendships, both old and new. I like to take  them.   Time is the necessary investment and joy the dividend.   It only takes Common Cents to make this investment.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Delaware Views Hues of Red

Claude Monet paints a masterpiece.  Seward Johnson recreates it in 3d and I take a picture of it.  Wonder if there is any plagiarism taking place here.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Funday

Do you remember what it was like when you were a child and a carnival came to town?
The noise, the excitement, the colors and lights.   Cotton Candy, pink and sweet that would melt in your mouth.  The Upper Makefield Fire Company hosts the Carnival in Washington Crossing every May. One year I visited at night...but this time I visited early morning.  The sky was grey and the air wet with mist.  The folks in the trailers had yet to stir.  The Ferris Wheel was still.  The day just beginning.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at Diamonds in Pennington

Hi Ruthy!  Thanks for joining me Friday and being my dining companion at Diamonds.  I so appreciate that we can find and agree to share yummy things on a menu and be satisfied without overeating.  So many great restaurants have moved out of the historic district of Chambersburg in Trenton, NJ.  Diamonds, being one of them, picked a great location in Pennington.

Ruth and I started with Happy Hour Friday Cocktails...hahahah and then were delighted with a happy hour offering of a Shrimp Crepe, for only $5.  Oh yea, I could have had another it was so tasty.  We went on to share a $19. appetizer, the Lobster St. Jacques, a South African cold water lobster tail sautéed in a cognac cream sauce served over mashed potatoes.  It really was plenty for the two of us, just that it was sooooooo goooooooood, I know I could have eaten more.  Good service at the bar and so happy to spend time with you Ruthy. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Got Some News

I wonder if announcing my exhibit at Pennington Athletic Club will advance more views and more sales.  The effort and expense of printing the work will soon outweigh the profit potential not to mention I'm running out of wall space at home. I thought this looked nice.  I wonder what newspapers will print it.  Thank you Christine.
               Nancy Hendrickson Displays Photography at PEAC


Ewing, NJ (May 7, 2014)  As part of its monthly Art on Display program, PEAC Health and Fitness will display original works of art from Bucks County photographer Nancy Hendrickson for the month of June 2014.  This will be her first exhibit at PEAC.

Hendrickson has been a photography enthusiast since her youth when she was “happy to snap away at family and friends,” she says.  As she matured, so did her idea of what it meant to make photographic memories, and her hobby continued to flourish.  When Hendrickson retired from public education, she took her photography to the next level.   She made the transition to digital photography, acquired skills in post processing, and began submitting her images for publishing and for sale.   


Hendrickson’s work can be viewed in past editions of the “Sacred Journey,” a local Princeton publication, “Chutzpah” and “BMW ON” magazines.  Her image of the Schofield Bridge in Tyler State Park is highlighted in the “Bucks County, Pa, Official Destination Guide.”    A changing display of her work can be viewed at Large Format Digital Printing in Stockton, NJ.  Hendrickson maintains a blog at and can be reached via email at  She resides in Washington Crossing, PA.


PEAC’s Art on Display program features a local artist, artists’ group or charitable organization each month.  Artwork in a variety of mediums has been exhibited, including paintings, photographs and woodworking.  The monthly exhibits are open to the public.  “We are proud to give exposure to local artists,” notes PEAC’s Marketing Coordinator, Christine Tentilucci.  “The displays add to PEAC’s community atmosphere.”


For questions about PEAC’s Art on Display program, please contact Christine Tentilucci at, 609-883-2000, or visit  PEAC is located at 1440 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ  08618.


Photo Attachment:   “Crossing Reflection,” by Nancy Hendrickson

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Foils, Foibles and Follies of MaraBella and Me

She looks so peaceful resting in a garden bed.  With a reasonable size grassy yard, I wonder what makes her choose this place, that is mulched and decorated with shells from the sea and a garden gnome, to lie down and sleep.  She doesn't disturb these things. 
Perhaps she wants easy access to the Spider Wort. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents: Appreciation Doesn't Cost a Cent.

Can not seem to stop thinking about my mother.  At 84 I sometimes wonder how much longer I will be able to keep her in my life.  Although her body is old, her mind is young and sprite and laughter comes easy to her.  I am so grateful that she is still here among the living and deriving joy from life.
Here she is with her only granddaughter, who will wed on this day.  With such short notice and such a distance that my mother will not be available to reel in pleasure as witness to the experience.  I wonder if my mom will have joy in seeing a great grand?  I hope so!
Oh yeah...Appreciation is free of charge.  Appreciate what you have and find joy in it.  Nothing lasts forever.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Delaware Views Hues of Red

Still thinking of my mother this day after the Hallmark Holiday.  I don't need it to be devoted to her.  She is 84 now.  She gave birth to me, her third and final child, when she was 27.  She taught me self discipline, kindness, laughter, and to always look at the bright side.  Together, with my father they instilled in me self confidence and an appreciation for family.  One of her many favorite lines I hear now..."blood is thicker than water".   These are gifts I will carry with me for ever.  She tried to teach me style and fashion, something she continues to express herself, but had a failure there with me.  Next month she will undergo hip surgery and I will be there by her side.

Here she is in her glory, among members of her extended family.  27 years after my father passed, she still keeps in touch with his cousins, who she was always fond of and graciously prepared feasts for.  And now she has the pleasure of being with their children and sharing another feast that she doesn't have to prepare. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Funday..Happy Mother's Day

I am so grateful to have my mother still with us. 
She is the only one from this group that is.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at the Riegelsville Tavern

Went for a Sunday ride on the BMW K1600 considering a late breakfast or brunch. Be warned this place does not serve breakfast, in fact they don't open until 11am. Being that is about the time we got there lunch was a fine option. We shared an Onion Soup which was acceptable, nothing special and Hubby was satisfied with a Turkey Wrap. I could not resist trying something new that via the menu sounded delicious and it was. I ordered the Not So Simple Grilled Cheese which was a mix of cheeses and sautéed onions. It was a perfect combination of cheeses and the onions were sautéed golden.  The grilled bread was salted adding a special and yummy touch.   It was served with French Fries and an Au jus that just might have been the onion soup broth. Our Server was friendly and attentive.  The Riegelsville Tavern is likely to be a return to place when the weather is a little warmer then it was on the day we went since we did notice outside seating and there were a few more unique things I thought I might like to try on the menu.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Delaware News: No News isnt Always Good News

I was so excited when the little blue bird sold from the wall of the Full Moon Café.  No news of a sale since then and that NO NEWS is not GOOD NEWS.  Images come off the walls on the 10th and then I wait until June 1st when I hang them at the Pennington Athletic Club.  I wonder if I should print some abstracts.  You know, Delaware Views Anew.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Foils, Foibles and Follies of MaraBella and Me

Hard to believe MaraBella has only been with us for 3 short months.  She is really part of the family now. Lying next to me she is giving off little yips, woofs and yaps in her sleep.  She cracks me up.   Her adjustment has been amazing, although not without glitches....needless to say she still needs lots of work, as do I.  This morning I took her for a long walk with little bits of hotdogs in my pocket.  I wanted to bring her to the vets office for no other reason then to get her in the door without having to drag her as I did that very first time.  Plus, I was out of dog treats and thought I might pick some up.  Dang it!  I still had to drag her and she was so anxious she wouldn't even take the hotdogs.
The kind folks at the Washington Crossing Animal Hospital did what they could to comfort her and she did warm up to them and enjoyed their stroking her.

Our experience at the Golden Grange Kennels in Chesterfield has been wonderful and I am really sad that Obedience II is on Wednesday nights at 8:30.  That means Furman, who wakes at 4am, wont go and I wouldn't get home until after 10pm.  Going to have to look for something else because I really want to keep up with her training.  IT HAS MADE A TREMONDOUS DIFFERENCE.  MaraBella is one smart dog and I need the classes to remain smarter.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents: Back at the Market

Shopping for food, clothing, necessities, and luxuries really isn't my thing.  I buy clothes when I need them either at the outlets where it is cheap, or via catalogue where it isn't.  Sometimes, if I happen to be near one, I will go into a farmer's market or stop at a local food stand.  For the most part I am guilty of picking up my groceries at one of the more expensive places in my area, The Pennington Quality Market.  I go there because I know the isles and can zip around with my list.  The staff is incredibly kind, friendly and helpful.  The best news is Pennington Quality Market offers great sales, mails store specific coupons for freebies, and gives a teeny, eeny, weeny discount for using your own bags. Taking advantage of all three can pay off so it seems to me only common cents to do so.

I'm not sure if you can read the receipt but it indicates approximately %30 discount.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Delaware Views Hues of Red

It really seemed that this past winter would never end.  Finally, after waiting a long time and suffering snow storm after snow storm Spring arrived and with it rain.  We had quite the downpour here and the river crested at 15 feet reaching over our retaining wall but maintaining a healthy distance from the road.  The rain also brought a burst of growth.  The Forsythia bloomed  bright yellow and made a perfect background for the unfolding RED Maple leaves.

Bet you thought I was going to post a RED Norton....wouldn't want to disappoint.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Fun Day Delaware Cruise on The BMW K1600

Truth be told, Furman is on the K1600 in VIRGINIA right now...but last Sunday was a fun day on the bike.  First leg of our journey was a hilarious mile.  That's right!  The 21st Annual Gathering of the Nortons was held at Washington Crossing Park, PA and we took the short ride to ogle the bikes.  There was no discrimination at this event so along with the Nortons, there were shiny, Harleys, Beamers, Yamahas, Ducatis, Moto Guzzis, and all kinds of vintage bikes too. 
After filling our eyes with the sweet motorcycle candy, we hopped back on and the bike and cruised another 30 miles to the Riegelsville Tavern to fill our bellies.  Watch for my restaurant review on Foodie Friday.  If you head out that way take notice of the Roebling suspension bridge that crosses the river from Riegelsville, PA, to NJ. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at Farmicia in Philadelphia

What luck to find Farmicia on S. 3rd Street, just a few short blocks from the Ritz 5 movie theater.
My good friend Patti and I have a long tradition of going to a movie and sharing a meal, usually on Wednesdays.  We have been doing this for so many years I have lost track of just how many but without exaggerating, I am going to guess about 20.  WOW, that sounds like a lot even to me.  Sometimes we make a whole day of our Wednesdays.  Sometimes we have to switch to a Thursday. HA!  This past week we drove into Philadelphia to see a documentary, Finding Vivian Maier at the Ritz 5.  We had no particular lunch destination in mind so we checked the internet for what was close and picked Farmicia.  We were glad we did.
Patti and I picked two vegetarian sandwiches that came with salad and split the sandwiches so we could each taste both and both were delicious. Humus and Avocado on Pita, and grilled Goat Cheese. The service was impeccable and friendly. The bill was reasonable. The décor fun and funky. Even the bathrooms were creatively decorated. This is a great place to return to next time we are heading to the Ritz.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Delaware Views Anew

When there is no news better view anew....
Playing around with layers and masks in CS3.
I almost tossed the background image and now I'm glad I didn't.  Works a lot better as a background than a stand alone.