Saturday, March 31, 2012


Pussy Willow

Water Collects on Bleeding Heart Leaves

Magnolia up close

Mountain Laurel Pennsylvania state flower

Do not know but sure is pretty

Dafs down by river

Spring came early this year and was followed by some very cool nights.  Lots of things are budding and blooming.  My garden area is primed and ready, but I was not so foolish as to think it would be safe to plant too many things. 

I'm learning a little about post processing and having some fun with it, thus GONZO and everyday on the UHH forum I post some RED.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


With this crazy weather we are having the daffodils and magnolias are blooming beautifully.  Most folks like to show the beauty of the magnolias against a blue sky.  I do too, although seeing this lone petal on the ground spoke to me. 

I continue my training as a Naturalist at the Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve.  On our walk to see the early bloomers the blood root really attracted my attention.  I thought it would look nice in black and white and then I cant say for sure I know what happened, but I will say I went a little GONZO.  I wanted to see if I could pull out some red for the RED images I have been collecting.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I am more amazed at my own self every week when I go back and look at my work and try to decide what to show you.  I am very proud to say that it took a few trys but I think I understand how to make a panorama inside my Post Processing.  I also learned much from a lesson on how best to convert color to black and mine is a little hot here but I think I get it....just need a little more practice.
can not forget RED

first try not to good

second try not much better

third try..not too bad

converted black and white with a little PP prior to conversion

So beautifully foggy yesterday morning I had to stop

This weekly review is great for me as I already forgot I did some of these..hahahahhahah

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jokes and a Moon and a Cow that Didnt Jump Over.

not my talent Georgiann too this one we call her GG for short
  As the UHH Challenge continues those of us who are participating have become a cyber group.  I consider this a rather strange phenomenon, however I find it agreeable. So here is the joke.  This guy that goes by the name Rufe..says he is in trouble with his wife because "she sent me to the store for a gallon of milk and said if they have eggs, get six, so I picked up six gallons of milk".  Many of us in the cyber group were contacted to respond accordingly...THE CREATIVITY ON THIS REQUEST WAS WAY BEYOND ME...matter of fact...let me see if I can snatch up what I thought was the best one.  Got it. 

The focus (ha) of the Challenge has been Depth of Field and we worked on demonstrating SHALLOW depth of field.  Moving toward long range this week. 

I was just about ready to hop into bed last night when I saw out my window the moon and its glowing reflection on the river...Oh what to do?  Put on my shoes, don a sweater...and go out and try to get it.  What else?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All in One Place

I have been asked what photos I chose for the Full Moon Cafe exhibit so I thought I would put them all in one place together.  You might have seen some of them before.  You saw what they looked like on my dining room floor with the BMWON magazine article framed in front so I will leave that one out. The Pine Valley Bridge hangs right above it, so you see it below in the magazine, Janes idea.   THANK YOU JANE for your help.  I liked how it looked but it left me with an empty wall, so I put up two unrelated canvas prints that I had intended for the back of the restaurant, separate from the bridge collection, in the vacant spot.  The five covered bridges are on one side with the framed magazine and on the other......

Rider In

Schofield Bridge

Sheard's Mill

Pine Valley

Rider Out

Snow Covered Canal Bridge

Snow on the Ice House Washington Crossing Bridge

High Water Washington Crossing

Pidcock Creek Bridge Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve

Benched Cat Canvas Print

Italian Wall Flowers Canvas Print


Sunday, March 4, 2012


I DID IT!..I finally finished all the framing with a day to spare.  I am raring and ready to have my photographs hanging at the Full Moon Cafe in Lambertville, NJ.  Bucks Bridges is my theme and I have 5 poster size prints at 18 x 24  of covered bridges, four 12 x 18 of other bridges in the area, and I framed up the first two pages of the BMWON Magazine Story and included the popular Discovery Map.
There is a spot in the very rear of the restaurant that would only be seen by folks who care to get up to look or must use the restroom, where I will hang an off subject CANVAS print.  This is what it looks like to finally be finished.  YAY.  I received a lot of help from the kind folks at New Hope Photo shop.
They did the printing and supported my efforts with framing.

This last pic of the beautiful crocuses are just to show you how early spring is arriving...supposed to be 70 degrees later this week.  Crazy.