Sunday, September 30, 2012

L'Shana Tova Fall is Here

Thursday was Farm Day
I picked flowers for my family gathering on Saturday and four quarts of tomatoes.
While the tomatoes were cooking I made lemonade.

The family gathering was very nice.  There was no time for shooting while hosting.
Didnt pick the camera up till Sunday when Furm and I took the Motorpsychy out for some leaf peeping.
We started off low at Tyler State Park.

And then got high at Bowman's Tower.

All those lemons got me thinking.  I recently figured out how to play with the I put that to good use and made some cards with my very own sentiments.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Delaware Chews at Rats

Always a great day at the Grounds for Sculpture and even better when we throw worry and care to the wind and splurge at RATS.  With good friend and companion Kathy we took our seats and starting our giggling as soon as we met our young waiter Joe.  Kathy asked for a straw and I was so dumbfounded when it came out all fancy that I had to ask for one too just so I could get the image.  We shared a Duck Confite which was so delicious we could have ordered another.  A tart shell of Phylo, a slathering of brie, squash and duck and if I new exactly what else I might have to try to make it at home. It was that yummy.  We also shared a special shrimp salad sandwich on a hearty grain bread which came with a delightful potato salad, that was also just right and the sharing made our portions perfect.   We went one step further.  I had a special coffee while Kathy enjoyed a Lemon Tapioca dessert.

Of course after all that good food it was a requirement to stroll the grounds and take in the gardens and sculptures.  THANK YOU KATHY FOR INVITING ME.

Monday, September 24, 2012


On Friday I picked some of my home grown tomatoes.

Saturday was just so beautiful for the first day of Fall that we took a motorcylce ride to  Belmar.
Had a nice lunch and walked the beach.  It was nice to be so close to the ocean.

Yesterday I went with a friend for a nice hike up to the top of Baldpate..she aksed if I could help her with profile photos...I hope she likes it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delaware Chews

Had a very busy day yesterday and it was quite lovely. Caryl from north Jersey came down to visit and go on a photoshoot in Lambertville. I picked her up at the train station and snapped a few before getting her in the car.  For lunch we had Egyptian style sandwiches at Marhaba in L'ville and although the atmosphere was kinda dim....I found it authentic and fine once they turned the A/C on.  My companion ate the Babaganough and I had Hummas, tomato and cucumber sandwich...both worth the few bucks they charged us for them.  Their home made lemonaid was almost as good as mine.
sculputre garden overflow  at the train station

Marhaba in Lambertville
Later in the same evening I ate out AGAIN...
only this time I met my movie going friend Patti, grabbed some red and we went to Main StreetYardley to see how things were at the new place.  YOU try staying on the Pea diet when you go out like this.

Friday, September 14, 2012


What a great week.  I ordered my new camera on Friday.  On Saturday, we took a nice ride up to sky manor to see the experiemental planes

The camera arrived on Tuesday with a 30 page paper manual on the basics and and the rest of it stored on a disc.  I didnt really want to download it but I had no choice if I wanted to learn.
Took a while, but I figured out how to shoot in manual and download pics.  Got a long way to go before I have command of ALL the settings.  Thursday's farm bounty finally delivered on the tomatoes and that should keep me busy for the next day or so and should give me some home time to figure out how Im going to carry Olympia out and about. 

Looking forward to getting to know her and her manual too.


Monday, September 10, 2012

As Far as Photography Goes

It was a good week. Had lots of fun with guests for dinner and then the grown ups got to play with glow sticks and they went all silly on me. Go figure.

I needed to feel that OM D at B&H and I did and oh boy more on that later.
After  I got past all the color and shock I was able to find  RED  EVERYWHERE

Once again RED presented itself in the flag of our nation at the 911 memorial activities, Algier Park Pennington. 

And finally to wrap up the week lunch and a photoshoot with Ruthy in Bordentown on Saturday.