Monday, October 24, 2011

Better days

Last Hours for Slater the Cat

BMW at 100 Years of American Motorcycles

My Harley riding friends Nancy and Tom were very happy to see all the old American motorcycles.  OK OK we were too.  Of course no Beamers at the American Motorcycle Exhibit.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Bench Continued

Photographer, Bob Krist and his lovely wife Peggy came to pick up the bench that floated down from Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve and landed on my dock.  They are both happy, smiling people and I really enjoyed meeting them.  Bob has already returned the favor in multiples.....He set me up to volunteer at a photo workshop in Philadelphia this Sunday in exchange for the cost of attendance.  I cant wait to see what I might learn. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New York City High Line and Ground Zero

It finally stopped raining and the weather was promising for a walk on the High Line in NYC.  We got on at Tenth and 30th and walked til it ended.  We then proceeded to ground zero thinking we might have a look at the fountains.  NOT! You need passes to get in.  We went into the World Financial Center Building where we  could at least get a peak.  The dark building behind the crane is the Millenium Hotel.  As we walked back through the overpass we saw a  crowd in hard hats bright yellow vests and thought they were workers leaving the sight since it was coming up on 5pm.  I zoomed in for the shot.  It wasnt until I got home that I realized they were not workers at all.  These men and women were in suites and ties and carrying purses. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The top four pictures have been selected for the BMWON October Issue...reflections of the Rally.  I never did a post from the Rally in Bloomsburg, I dont think.  I will say it was during the heat of the summer and one day I gave up on kevlar and put on a tank top and a jean skirt to go riding out for the Adriatic Mototour barbecue in Danville, about 1/2 hour from our hotel.  No pictures of that though.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Eat Drink Stink at the Easton Garlic Festival

The day was cool and dreary.  The sky was a mask of grey clouds covering random spots of blue.   The sun rarely made it out.  Instead there were occasional sprinkles.  It did not keep us from riding the BMW K1600 to the Easton Garlic Fest, so we could eat drink and stink.  It was pretty much a straight shot up river. We had our Breakfast at the Point Pleasant Village Store and it was fine as any other we have had on our day trips.  Its a go to the counter kind a spot and help your self to coffee, and juice from a cooler.   Betty Boop was there and I love Betty. The Festival was scheduled to start at noon just a few minutes after our arrival.  Good for us because there were not that many people there and there were all kinds of tastings waiting for us. I cant imagine what I would have purchased if I was hungry.  As it was, I couldn't resist a package soup: Garlic Corn Chowder, a herb mix: Gobs of Garlic, and a small can of sea salt and garlic.  I love Garlic  We took some time to check out the town of Easton.  I found it to be  very quaint.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cant Help It

Just cant stop myself from thinking about him today.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just noticed

Seasons Garden Center who I have been doing photo shoots for has put one of my photos on the front page of there website  Here is another from the same days shoot back when the days were very warm.