Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catalogue Choice

Going to market is not one of my favorite things. I bring my own bags. So should you. I even buy 100% Premium Recycled toilet tissue. I dont know what to tell you about that. Im trying to leave a smaller footprint. I think you should too. I've been to Cataloguechoice.org. and think I should go back again. After tossing the mail on the table and seeing it alongside the "small steps", my Humane Society bag, and my Naturalist Training material from Bowman's Tower Wildflower Preserve, I found it just a little irritating that I received all those catalouges in my mailbox in one day. Most of the time I dont even look at them before placing them with the recycled paper. Hmm, I wonder if all those recycled catalouges are coming back to me as toilet paper. What a shameless waste of paper and money, advertising and tempting me to make a purchase. Like I did this morning from Athletica. Sometimes, it is hard to resist all those catalouges.

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