Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Hope Historical Society Garden Tour June 2011

I was gifted two tickets to the New Hope Historical Society Garden Tour one day before the tour.  My sister was the first available to take the second ticket.  We arrived at the Parry Mansion at about 11:30 to pick up our gift bags.  The first garden on the tour was Paxson Hill Farm.  The private gardens were open to the public for the tour and they were indeed lovely.  There was an aviary on the property with peacocks and for the first time ever I saw a white peacock. As you can see from the top four pictures there was also a pond with lilly pads, running water and a bridge.  There was a working nursery and there was a buy one and get another of lessor value free coupon in my gift bag so I got myself the only remaining beautiful gardenia and some other very coloful plant that was near the register. 
We took a break and headed over to the Carversville Inn which looked packed so we walked across the street to the Country Store for a Sandwich.  After lunch we headed to Fleecydale Road.  The gate and Angel's Trumpet was on the property of Trey Wilson.  Trey is active with Bowmans Hill Wildflower Perserve and his property reflected it.  It was lush and natural and cool and comfortable skirting a creek.   It was my favorite of the three porperties we visited.  Trey was an active host.  The burst of I dont know what was captured at the Lutz property just across the street.  It was a great day...I only wish we could have done more but it was closing in on 3:30 when we finished just three of the lovely properties.

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