Saturday, October 8, 2011

New York City High Line and Ground Zero

It finally stopped raining and the weather was promising for a walk on the High Line in NYC.  We got on at Tenth and 30th and walked til it ended.  We then proceeded to ground zero thinking we might have a look at the fountains.  NOT! You need passes to get in.  We went into the World Financial Center Building where we  could at least get a peak.  The dark building behind the crane is the Millenium Hotel.  As we walked back through the overpass we saw a  crowd in hard hats bright yellow vests and thought they were workers leaving the sight since it was coming up on 5pm.  I zoomed in for the shot.  It wasnt until I got home that I realized they were not workers at all.  These men and women were in suites and ties and carrying purses. 

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