Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49

Day 49 for the Photo Challenge and I have managed to shoot and submit everyday.  I can't believe it.

Without a doubt the highlight of the week was last Sunday at the Valentine Day Party.  I took tons of pics. 
Our host surprised us with live music. 

The drummer gave me motion  for the challenge. I got my lines from the clock, and the Yardley pond gave up the mallard for nature in my neighborhood.  Can you see the little droplets of water on the Mallard? And how about texture, what a great subject for a days photochallenge.  I found it in the Pussy Willow. Todays challenge was black and white and that was hard for me.  It is a rarity for me to think about shooting black and white so todays quest really had me thinking.  On my way for groceries I thought about where I might get my black and whites and found myself at the old Railroad Station.

This winter has been the most mild one I can remember.  Furm went for a motorcycle ride today.  50 degrees definately seems warm for February but still too cold for me to ride.

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