Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Days

We finally got some much needed I went to the river and did a ballerina dance.
On the way back up the steps I noticed the brown leaves and really took heed of what all the heat this summer has caused..perhaps an early fall?  But as trees loose their leaves other critters are preparing for more.  Saw these Silk Moths at the preserve when I arrived for my volunteering at 9am.  They stayed like this until I left at 1pm. It was right about then that I learned they will die soon after seperating but not before the female lays her eggs..if she is lucky.  Still playing around working on FUNKY FLORALS, Kalides and Kalidaglobes.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the kalidaglobes art! I don't have the program that does it... so that means I get to come pester you and "oooooo & ahhhhhh" :)

    Everything is crinkly and brown here too, sadly. I only WISH it was early Fall. I'm tellin' ya, there is less and less separation between seasons anymore... it's sad, really.

    Keep dancing! :)