Tuesday, August 13, 2013

25 Years Ago Today

Please excuse the quality of these images as they were all scanned.
I love them all anyway.
25 years ago today I walked down an aisle surrounded by family and friends. My parents
were holding me steady and a young handsome and excited man stood in front of me.
It would never have been  possible without these folks.
Manya and Samuel Kucinski, my father's grandparents

My mother's grandparents seated, and my grandmother, Fanny Jacobson, standing far left

From left, my mother's brother, Herbert Jacobson, my paternal grandmother
Katie Lonard, Robert and Rita Resnick, maternal grandparents, Fanny and Albert Jacobson
Nancy Beth Resnick wed to Furman David Hendrickson
August 13, 1988

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