Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quaker Oats and Jam

  I have been trying to eat foods that are better for me.  Oatmeal seems like a great breakfast choice.   I like it with a slab of butter and smothered with maple syrup. I know, I may be defeating the purpose.  A few days ago I swished some apple butter into it and thought it was pretty good.  Yesterday, I picked raspberries and made jam, so this morning I decided to try a little jam in my Oatmeal.  Why not?  Oatmeal and Jam go together in fruit bar recipes.  So I mixed it up and gave it a taste. Good but not great. It was lacking something. A dash of Ginger!  Now that I have finished eating it and am licking my spoon, I imagine a smidgen of vanilla would have finished it off perfectly.   Ill give that a try next time.

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