Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coming Home

 After I left Tybee Island I wound my way up the Brown Mountain to visit the Singing Swan.  You can tell by her smile what a wonderful women she is.  She introduced me to Grace the cat and I played around with painting Grace.  I just loved the sign in the back of a pickup and of course it was RED!

Swan was patient while I set up the remote timer on my camera.  Took three tries.

Made one more stop in Durham before heading home, but somehow never pulled the camera out.  I had a nice dinner with someone I have known since Kindergarden and her husband and after breakfast made the goal to get home and managed to do so before dark.  Was so happy to see the Star Gazer Lillies still hanging in there and played around with them too.  Starting to get the feel of all this post processing.

Although it is always good to be home once there the work is always there too.  WEEDS must really love the heat.  Lucky for me it rained for almost a full day and has been nice and cool for the past two mornings so I made a little dent in the weeding around here.  The after pics will have to wait...BUT LOOK...NEW GUTTERS were installed when I was away. 


  1. The lily is amazing. Took my breath away!

  2. Looks like an amazing trip!
    You BOTH (you and "signing swan", that is) look precisely as I'd imagined you... only you're a bit taller than I'd thought! ;)

    LOVELY photos... one and all... and many thanks for taking us with you through photos!