Saturday, July 14, 2012

On the Road

I find when the road calls you just have to answer it.  So I packed up my car...picked up my good buddy and travel companion Patti...and headed South.

We stopped for a visit with her daughter in Washington D.C. and then
took the long drive to Kill Devil Hills in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We visited the Memorial to the Wright brothers and even in weather that was hot and muggy found it worth walking around the site.
Neither of us could resist the light houses but neither of us was too disappointed when we could not climb one as it was under contruction.  The Cape Hatteras light house that we did climb...the one with the red the tallest light house in North America.  Even more interesting is the fact that it was moved in order to preserve it. 
It was funny driving around the Outer Banks because we would see the painted horses everywhere...some with wings and some without. Kind of like our Bucks County Mules.

NEXT STOP...was Charleston South Carolina.  We stayed in a magnificent B&B and  visited the Magnolia Garden Plantation

Well....we were driving from Charleston to Tybee Island, Georgia when we had to stop and get something to eat...A friendly police officer saw Patti trying to get a shot of the resaurant and there  I was waiting.  so he said to me "you girls like taken pictures?"...and of course I said "yes".  He went on, "Did ya'all ever see the movie Cars?"  Once again I replied "Yes". "That thar rusty wreck across the street is painted up just like TOW MATER and lots a folks stop to take a picture".  So what was I to do.  I walked across the street and gave it my best shot.

Tybee Island, where I sit now.


  1. nice, relax, be safe, love life

  2. Hi Nan,

    Sailorsmom just posted Buck county mules on day 196 of the daily challenge - the sixth entry.
    Looks like you are moving all over the place. Have fun and be safe.