Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stepping Up almost always leads to Stepping Down

Yesterday I was looking through some images specifically for STEPS to contribute to the UHH Forum Challenge of the day.  What is our fascination with steps.  Most of the ones I posted went somewhere...but some folks posted steps that went no where.
Im thinking that I like steps because they take me somewhere...but sometimes I dont like climbing them... These steps were worth climbing inside the lighthouse for the fantastic view

I did not have to work at all to go up these steps.
 They took me upstairs in B&H NYC so I could hold Olympia for the very first time.
Outside steps are really nice too...I stepped right into a forrest.
These steps make things a lot easier for me when the boat is in the water..
I guess they make things easier for hubby when the boat is NOT in the water.
And as you all know there are no steps like those that lead to home.
I have more steps, but I will be stepping out pretty soon so no more playtime.

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