Thursday, December 27, 2012

Something Special

There really is Something Special about this time of year between Chanukah and the secular New Year. Here on the east coast it is usually cold and this year we even had a nice little snow flurry to whiten things up for Christmas. Warmth is derived from family and friends...and a little bit of the bubbly.
Beautiful decorations and ornamentations are everywhere...I made my own.
We wake and rise with the sun.

Head over to the farm.

Start the food fest with the best ever sticky stuff.  This year made in a bundt pan
and maybe the best yet.

Sometimes it is the little things that bring the most pleasure.

This is really little and I love how each year the mini town seems to grow.

As the morning wanes and the sun starts to set we make our way to the next feast.  We are always greeted with smiles, delightful chatter, good food and drink.
Sue this last image is derived from your dining room chandelier.
So I would like to conclude by saying to all,
may your days be merry and bright.


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