Thursday, January 3, 2013


The sun finally came out after hiding behind the grey for a few days and I’ve been yearning for the NJ Shore so we decided to take the ride to Belmar and see if we could find some place open for lunch.   Driving down Main street the word tavern appeared and we pulled into the nearest spot about 1/2 past noon.   Plenty of restaurants were open.

We walked into the fairly large bar and dining room of the Connolly Station with just a few tables occupied and noticed immediately that it was very cold inside. Our server Tracey was friendly and attentive and even apologetic about the inside temperature.

The french onion soup was average but did help to warm me. I enjoyed the two crab cake sliders.  The cake was yummy and the bread tasty too and just the right amount to sate me.  Hubby had a gigantic turkey rueben and liked it just fine. For an extra dollar we both ordered the sweet potato fries with our lunch, worth it. With a beer and a rootbeer that was generously refilled and our coffees...mine with Kalua, the bill came to $50 before tip...

I really wanted to take a walk on the beach but it was barricaded to pedestrians and we could see guys working with big equipment a block or two down the beach, not to mention an obvious police presence. 
I almost cried when I saw this mound of sand that looked like a decorated grave..
I saw devastation and desolation.
I moved beyond the barricade to face it head on and was glad I did because it was there that I saw the true sentiment of THANKS and HOPE resting in the sand!


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