Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Say Its Your Birthday

It happens every year and this year we decided to share it.
Furman's birthday fell on a Saturday night and we couldnt think of anything better to do than invite a few friends.  10 was a perfect number for comfortable seating around the table and food prep, and what a feast we had. 
Kathy started us off with an appetizer and prepared some home made cranberry sauce.
Ruth provided the salad.  The rest of the guests contributed libations and help.
The Pea Diet works so much better when you add turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy.  The turkey was particularly delicious if I must say so myself.  I will forever and always brine my turkeys

Of course, we could not invite everyone and Jack was left out.

Phyllas Dylafire was invited but only available for a short appearance.  She left us with a warm glow for the remainder of the evening.

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