Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunday's RED and How Casper Continues to Bring JOY

Went to the Full Moon in Lambertville for breakfast and then took a short hike past the Station to the boat ramp...hadnt been there in soooooooooooooooo long.  There was a paddle boat there with red paddles just begging to be photographed in the waning morning light.


Then we walked over to Judy Henn's Gallery and I was shocked to see my image of my Casper on the wall for sale. I brought her that image to paint for me on consignment and paid lots of moolah for the painting. Notice how different it is from her other images for which she creates the backgrounds...I wanted my CASPER in the WATER...and insisted on my image. 

She asked for many images so she could get the best rendition and a few weeks after I PAID for the first one she solicited me to buy another...more to her style..again from one of my images...

What could I say...I couldnt let someone else have this original could I?
Now she is printing them and selling them and her colleague informed me they are best sellers....
Me?  I just miss him.

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