Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pennsyltucky Day 2

I love these days that start out crisp and cool and warm up as the day goes on.  We had breakfast at Sneddon's in Lambertville.  Despite many a detour due to washed out bridges we made our way up to Bowman's Tower and through several of the local covered bridges.  I had never been to the one in Ralph Stover State Park and I cant say for sure why it was on the list of covered bridges BECAUSE IT HAD NO COVER...but it was still a nice stop.  We made our way over to the Van Sant Airport looking for a cool drink only to find that The Grill was closed.  Then we went to Bucks Bounty on River Road to find they were closed too.  We worked our way down to Point Pleasant and found ourselves at Applejacks where everything was just grand.

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