Thursday, September 15, 2011


Left Lambertville yesterday and headed up 519 cutting over to the river to stop in Belvidere.  Picked up sandwiches at Thisilldous and ate them in a park near the Delaware Water Gap.  Reached Fern Hall in Clifford with enough time to make ourselves at home at the bar, clean up and relax a bit before having dinner on site in the lovely restaurant.  We woke this morning to rain. We drove along route 6 for a long while and sadly saw much of the destruction the most recent hurricane and rains left in its path.  We were so cold and wet that we took a break in a little riverside cafe and could see the Susquehanna where it was supposed to be.  We were told a foot of water was in the restaurant at the height of the flood by the waitress who served us our steamy soups. When we were warm, we braved the weather again and cruised out in the rain almost all the way to Wellsboro at which time the sun came out and with it the camera. Just another 50 miles to our destination, the West Gate in Coudersport,

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