Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jokes and a Moon and a Cow that Didnt Jump Over.

not my talent Georgiann too this one we call her GG for short
  As the UHH Challenge continues those of us who are participating have become a cyber group.  I consider this a rather strange phenomenon, however I find it agreeable. So here is the joke.  This guy that goes by the name Rufe..says he is in trouble with his wife because "she sent me to the store for a gallon of milk and said if they have eggs, get six, so I picked up six gallons of milk".  Many of us in the cyber group were contacted to respond accordingly...THE CREATIVITY ON THIS REQUEST WAS WAY BEYOND ME...matter of fact...let me see if I can snatch up what I thought was the best one.  Got it. 

The focus (ha) of the Challenge has been Depth of Field and we worked on demonstrating SHALLOW depth of field.  Moving toward long range this week. 

I was just about ready to hop into bed last night when I saw out my window the moon and its glowing reflection on the river...Oh what to do?  Put on my shoes, don a sweater...and go out and try to get it.  What else?

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  1. As one of the UHH (Ugly Hedgehog)group that had many a chuckle over Rufe's little mistake and the subsequent photo taunts and teases, I just want to thank you for sharing what I think was the funniest photo response to his "milk mishap." Glad you shared this pic and story on your blog for those who aren't familiar with the UHH community.