Sunday, March 4, 2012


I DID IT!..I finally finished all the framing with a day to spare.  I am raring and ready to have my photographs hanging at the Full Moon Cafe in Lambertville, NJ.  Bucks Bridges is my theme and I have 5 poster size prints at 18 x 24  of covered bridges, four 12 x 18 of other bridges in the area, and I framed up the first two pages of the BMWON Magazine Story and included the popular Discovery Map.
There is a spot in the very rear of the restaurant that would only be seen by folks who care to get up to look or must use the restroom, where I will hang an off subject CANVAS print.  This is what it looks like to finally be finished.  YAY.  I received a lot of help from the kind folks at New Hope Photo shop.
They did the printing and supported my efforts with framing.

This last pic of the beautiful crocuses are just to show you how early spring is arriving...supposed to be 70 degrees later this week.  Crazy.

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