Saturday, June 9, 2012

Celebrate Israel Parade June 3 2012 and Red Still

Last Sunday was a real hoot and hollor.  I picked up an early train out of Hamilton to get into New York bright and early in the morning for the CHAI RIDERS Motorcycle Club Photo Shoot.  The NYPD were gracious as ever and helped register all the bikes for the parade and plan the escort to the Celebrate Israel Parade down Fifth Avenue.


These folks were a lot of fun.  Within about 5 minutes of my arrival I was loaned a helmet and had a volunteer driver. Plenty of times for some pictures then we were off and heading to our entry point into the parade.

We had to wait there for a while so we got to see alot of the parade and I was able to get a group shot of the Chai Riders in attendence for the day.  There were a bunch more riders from all over and as far away as Scotland.  Everyone was wearing their colors.  It was so much fun and the crowd just went wild when the motorcycles roared up...I was hooten and holleren for real....whoohooo.. and I just could not stop giggling because it was so much fun.

Well most of the crowd seemed to like it.

And then it was over.....

I googled it when I got home and found a you tube that had me  in it within the first 10 shirt looking like a flag waving fool.  Check it out here

I thought red was over too. I even had a plan

Now you see red and now you dont then FINI....but it did not stop. Red pictures kept appearing. so I went GONZO on Red

I started with this

And came up with this

It looks better big and I like it. Do you?

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  1. FInally, caught up on your site. Loved the CHAI ride and really like your "gonzo" photo paintings.