Saturday, June 23, 2012

Frenchtown, NJ and a little Chew

I had the pleasure of visiting with one of the women I have been in contact with via the Photo Forum I play on...  she was on her way to Maine and decided to stop for a visit and photo shoot.  So we met in Frenchtown NJ.  The Yarn Bombers had just finished  adding their touch to so many things in town.  The blanket wrapped tree was one of my favorites.  It was fun looking for the large and small pieces they applied all over Bridge Street.  It was the first day of the east coast's first heat wave so after a short bit we ditched into a stained glass shop and had the most lovely surprise.  The artist was in and we all had a wonderful chat.  When the heat finally overtook us we found the National Hotel and had a yummy lunch.  Robin had a sushi dish and I had the nachos and both were unique and tasty.  It is definately a return to place with the hubby.  Finally I have been working on my gonzo images.

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