Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finally a nice day

Docks are in and it wont be long before the boats are in too.  The weather was just right for some weeding which I did for two days until I hurt.  The blue hydrangea is probably 5 years old or so and I find it amazing that the pink one is a piece I rooted from it.  The blue one grows in front and in back it is pink..go figure...then I went black and white and then gonzo....the Red Bellied Woodpecker just flew in while I was   all zoomed out for hydrangeas and i whipped the camera around and looked up the tree and snapped 3 and got 1 right.


  1. Hi!
    Just popping in to see your photography on the recommendation of my friend, Diane of the Singing Swan.

    I love the river rock border on your garden. I recently moved into a new home and have been thinking about my own garden and how to improve it's appearance. In my last home (in the foothills above LA in CA) the ground was full of great rocks, but here in the suburbs of Detroit, MI folks BUY rocks! I've got to find a place where I can "harvest" my own!

    Anyway, your photos are lovely and the garden glimpses an inspiration.

  2. was rough going digging all those rocks up from the creek behind my house and from the river too....until my hubby decided I should not be sweating so much and showed me how to use the trailer.....and I solicited some neighborhood kids who had nothing better to do...then I laid me those smaller rocks not the big ones one at a time like a puzzle...still sometimes the weeds and grass grows through. THANKS and kisses to the SWAN.