Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delaware Chews

Had a very busy day yesterday and it was quite lovely. Caryl from north Jersey came down to visit and go on a photoshoot in Lambertville. I picked her up at the train station and snapped a few before getting her in the car.  For lunch we had Egyptian style sandwiches at Marhaba in L'ville and although the atmosphere was kinda dim....I found it authentic and fine once they turned the A/C on.  My companion ate the Babaganough and I had Hummas, tomato and cucumber sandwich...both worth the few bucks they charged us for them.  Their home made lemonaid was almost as good as mine.
sculputre garden overflow  at the train station

Marhaba in Lambertville
Later in the same evening I ate out AGAIN...
only this time I met my movie going friend Patti, grabbed some red and we went to Main StreetYardley to see how things were at the new place.  YOU try staying on the Pea diet when you go out like this.

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