Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring and Squirrels

I had been noticing a lot of squirrel activity in the yard recently and contributed it to the absence of cats and dogs here.  I also have been HEARING them EATING my new PVC gutters.  I was sitting outside enjoying the warmth of the sun yesterday contemplating this situation when I saw her and wondered why she was carrying a tennis ball until I realized she was carrying a baby.  I ran inside, grabbed the long lens and snapped it onto Olivia hoping she would go back for another baby and she did...but she was FAST.
Here she comes 
Moving another baby..i know it looks like an old squished tennis ball but it is her baby

I just could not switch settings fast enough to go from still in low light shade to moving in bright light.dang it. I was to slow and she was moving fast.
I waited and waited to see if she would go for another.  Had the camera set for the bright spot I knew she would travel through.  She just found a hiding spot and watched me as carefuly as I was watching her.

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