Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Retreated

But not before a few glorious, sunny, and warm days to get me outside, digging, hauling and shoveling.

Shoveled two buckets of mulch around the back yard and this new little bed in front.
Furm created the number sign.
Finished up early enough on Wednsday for an outing.
By noon I was on my way to the Pearl S. Buck Estate.   I could not get past Moravian Pottery and Tile Works 
Henry Chapman Mercer was a wealthy eccentric, artistic, inventive, compassionate and brilliant man.  He designed a factory for creating ceramic tiles and had it and two other buildings along the "Mercer Mile" in Doylestown constructed with poured concrete. He took his materials from the earth and the concrete was an excellent support for the tiles that he would decorate his home with.  Take the tour and you can see the artists working. Well worth it.
When you finish head on over to Font Hill, Mercer's Castle home.  That was a good tour too.  No picture snapping inside without a permit.  Outside only.
Oh, I forgot to mention...after Moravian, Patti and I headed off hoping to find a nice spot for lunch on our way to the Pearl S. Buck Estate.  We found the delightful Vintage Grill.  After our late lunch we  checked opening hours and well, that is why we backtracked to Font Hill.  I'm glad we did, aren't you Patti?  Pearl will have to wait for another day.

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