Friday, November 29, 2013

Delaware Chews at the Rosa Mexicano, NYC

We were on our way to the Public Library of the Arts to view the Al Hirschfeld exhibit and were in the mood for Mexican. What a Nice surprise to find Rosa Mexicano.

We were seated immediately at the requested booth and the service was excellent through out our visit. Although we were tempted by the specialty Guacamole, we passed knowing that the Quesadillas I was about to order would come with some. YUMMY. I went with the Steak in my Quesadillas and was very satisfied with my choice.
Hubby went with Pelona Steak Sandwich served with sweet potato fries and didn't leave a morsel.

The place was so neat with the divers on the wet stair wall that I felt compelled to walk around and look upstairs.

This is definitely a place to recommend and return to.

Meanwhile if you are in the city and have an hour to spare you might want to go up to Lincoln Center and visit the exhibit at the library.  You will get a bonus view of a photo exhibit of early Beatles images.

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