Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Foodie Vault Brewery Yardley Pa

This place was hopping on a Saturday afternoon.  There was a large busload of folks making their first stop on a Brew Pub crawl seated outside, the bar seats were occupied and there were a few folks wandering around the bar area. 

We were shown to a table in an empty room which did not stay empty long. 
Accompanied by my nephew, we started off by sharing an antipasta board (that's how it was spelled on their menu) which had several different Italian meats, roasted red pepper, marinated artichoke, a house made mozzarella, a hard cheese from a local farm and some wood fired pita to pile it all up on. Drizzled with balsamic it was delicious. It was plated up as a feast for the eyes with some of the meat rolled up like a rose blossom.

Even though I was satisfied with that, when nephew ordered the Wood Fired Flat Bread Italian Sausage, I could not control my temptation to try the Hummus. It was a delightful selection announced by the waitress of Curry, Black Bean and traditional Hummus with sliced fresh red peppers and shaved carrot curls. This was also served with Wood Fired Pita. My first nibble of the Curry required that I eat it all immediately.  When finished I was finally able to control my self. I asked for a box and wrapped the rest up along with a few slices of the Italian Sausage on Flat Bread that even my strapping nephew could not finish. 

Wood fired stove

OH the BEER. Well I'm on a diet so I didn't even try any but Nephew must have enjoyed his because he ordered another.

The owners were friendly and accommodating. Our waitress Ava was very attentive. Parking in rear and also across the street makes it an easy access joint to come for lunch and next time I'm definitely going to try the sampler of beer that I kept seeing the waitress walk by with.

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