Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School and the End of Summer

I hope all the kids who went to school today wanted to go as much as I used to want to go that first day of school in September.  I never wanted to leave town to go to camp in the summer.    Turns out it was  gift almost like school but the lessons were different and often outdoors. Camping out and cooking our own food in fire pits with fires that we made from collecting the kindling, tinder, and fuel wood from the forest.  Swimming and water ballet, and Jr. Life Saving classes in the lake, along with boating, canoeing and sailing the sunnies.  Crafts and theatrics.  Looking back, camp was fun.  But I always wanted to come home and start a new school year with a new teacher and classmates.  I loved being in the classroom  absorbing and expanding with knowledge especially in elementary school.  Seeing friends who I missed all summer.  The first day always meant wearing something new and I kept  that tradition until I retired from my profession as School Psychologist in 2010.  The first day of school also makes me think of my father who went to school all of his life, and my grandmother who did the same.   I was out this morning with MaraBella when the school bus came to pic up some kids.  I was really glad I wasn't on it.  And I was really glad that I was in my yard with dog and coffee, and shorts and a t shirt, retired. 

I need to go through my images and sort them in such a way that I can create a WEBSITE...the blog can be attached but I really REALLY really need to stop procrastinating on this project.  I'm going to consider it for the 2014 2015 school year.

For now a little review of summer in photo, like on the first day of school...this is what I did this summer.

Went on some great motorcycle rides.

All the way to the Hudson Valley and Hyde Park in NY.
Cruised around Hopewell checking out the Stampede of Oxen.
Had some fun family and friend time at Grounds for Sculpture
 Longwood Gardens,
and NJ Beaches.
Got MaraBella comfortable with the Pontoon and the Jet Boat and the River too.
I stalked the Hummer all Summer long and played and practiced in photoshop.

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