Thursday, August 28, 2014

Delaware Views the Stampede in Hopewell

Took a day to look at more of the Oxen on display around Hopewell Township. They are beautiful.  If you are in the area it is a fun thing to do...In regards to photographing them, they are not all in easy to shoot spots...the one at Nutts down on the River was particularly challenging and required some work in CS3.  We got hungry and then the light was so bright it was hard to continue so I guess Ill have to get out  another morning to capture the rest of them.  Here is a sample.
Furman helped by driving me around on the motorcycle.
It was fun to try and get the image to show the actual location for some of them.
But not the one at Nutts
So I went for a head shot and still had to remove distracting a wire overhead and part of the motorcycle in front.
Went for the head shot.
In others, I liked the AMAZING details. 
Hopewell Valley Arts Council if you wanted attention, I think you got it.

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