Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back to the Norm

Before we departed for Israel I took notice of the Peonies which were just starting to bud out.  It was no surprise to see the majority of them spent when we returned.  The air was hot and humid and the skys were grey for days.  We heard the familiar sound of rolling thunder and on occasion the skys opened up letting down sheets of rain.  Oops forgot that one.

In between it all I hung out my new chimes, cleaned up the back yard garden beds and defined them with the river rock, tamed the honeysuckle, planted two flats of impatients Furm brought home for me, and processed my first bounty of the season from the farm.  The spinach looked amazing and I already incorporated some of it into a salad and some into meatballs and look forward to making spinach quiches tomorrow. 

Boy chores resulted in the docks going in and finally girls had a place to relax with cocktails, melon balls and promise of days on the dock with the sun shining.  It was nice to have some Ruthy time and a visit from Jess this afternoon rounded out the weekend.  We did head out on the Motorcycle this morning but it was raining after breakfast so we came home....getting here before the sky really let loose then finally cleared up some.  Maybe we can make it out on a boat tomorrow...ahhhhhhhhhhh

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  1. Nice photos. Dang I have to make my own smiley face ;)