Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Breakfast at Mil-Lees

I took this picture of Mil-Lee's restaurant for posting on Trip Advisor  As often happens to me they had no listing so rather than wait and try to remember or write up my review in a word doc for saving, Im posting my review....drum roll....where else?  Right here on Delaware Views.  I dont know why I never thought about it before.

I'll call it Delaware Chews....hahahhahahahhahahahahahh. 

For those of you who don't know, Yardley is a lovely little town along the Delaware River which has had its share of flooding as far as flooding goes.  There is a small Lake, your basic shops, and several restaurants in the one street light town.  Mil-Lee's is on Main Street with parking in the rear, very convenient. 

I have been to this spot several times and today was no different in regards to good food, good service, a comfortable booth to sit in and an easy bill to pay.  My companion and I each had the same special; a plain bagel (not my favorite everything as they were out), with fried egg, ham and cheese.  I had coffee, she had tea.  Our bill wasn't even $11.  Mil-Lees serves breakfast and lunch.



  1. Glad to know where to go for good food restaurant reviews - - where else, but to Nan's Delaware Chews!!!