Saturday, January 14, 2012

The One a Day Photo Challange Continues

I cant believe I have taken my camera out every day since the photo challange started. It has been great fun and I would like to say my shooting is already getting better.  I can without any doubt say I am learning lots and lots.  Who knew you could move the indicators on the Windows Live I DO!

Im still a little phobic about Photoshop Elements but am going to will my self to try to play with it.  Even if I dont save anything.

Wednesday started out fairly innocently with a lunch date in Lambertville at the Full Moon to check out the layout of the pictures on the wall...somehow I landed in Atlantic City at Tropicana for a night of FUN.....
The abstract is from the Morrisville Bridge.  I went intentionally to shoot the bales only I did not know they would have been collected up off the ground.  The always look so nice early evening scattered on the ground...but not to bad on the flatbed either.

1 comment:

  1. I love the last photo. It's great, as are so many of your photos. You keep coming up with terrific subjects. Great job!

    This challenge is very difficult. It was stupid of me to even start it. I knew I couldn't finish since I'll be having surgery this year. So, I dropped out early, rather than going deeper into it and then having to drop out.

    Good luck, Nancy. Your photos are wonderful. Keep 'em coming.