Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Let A Week Go By OH MY


 What a cool exhibit I was able to attend this week at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, all about manipulating photograhs prior to and after digital imaging...I only wish I could do what some of my friends are able to do.
Thanks GG I got some good laughs with that.
But I can desaturate and go to black and white with some degree of success
and I can boost fall colors captured on a ride by.

I did not have to boost the vintage bikes we saw  at the Montgomery Cycle Center on our ride today.  Thankfully they had big windows and Olympia was successful in the low light situation.
The Pipers Tavern was very cool...although the food COULD have used a boost.
looked good.
And lastly we took an unexpected turn into a LLAMA farm...
Could not have asked for a better Fall day.
Did I say LLAMA?  I meant Lavender Farm, although there were some llamas there. 
Ill have to go back when the lavender is in bloom.



  1. Would you be a Gemini by any chance!?? *grins*
    I love the varied subjects here... NO chance of being bored!

    Your photos are great and it's a lot of fun to live vicariously through you and your generosity in blog-land.

  2. im a taurus. Thanks for looking and complimenting..yeah I have lots of interests.