Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Mid Week Post of FALL Glory and Delaware Chews at home.

It was such a happy lunch with Hubby and Nephie made happier with Ruthy who grabbed this shot...well she wasnt very familiar with Olympia so I helped it out a bit with some post processing to adjust the exposure, a little burning to help that along...and finally a crop.  THANKS RUTHY for giving me something to work with so I could have this image with Aaron.
Woke up on Monday to a very foggy river..took me so long to get out there that most of it had burned off with the sun coming up.

Then it became a stay at home and do something with all those tomatoes I picked at the farm last week so I tried something new from my cooking with bean book and have to say it was pretty tasty. 
Kinda like refried beans covered with a corn bread topping.  ALL RED OF COURSE cept for the beans which were black.  YUMMY.

FALL COLORS  Short lens
long lens:  both from dock

HEY NAN...hope you are well and enjoying the Florida warm...

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