Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Im getting myself all confused with all these images I have been collecting lately...
Friday was a magnificent day and I went up to shoot a property for my friend Dan, owner
of the Seasons Garden Center.

           Since it was Friday we went to the Inn.  YUMMY giant shrimp cocktail as the sun goes down

And me and hubby played footsies hehehhehehe

Saturday we ended up at VAN SANT AIRPORT which is great fun and just happened to be there as a bunch of planes where ready to do a fly by in MILFORD, PA...we were close.


I couldnt believe how many people came out on Sunday for the Kitchen Garden tour as it rained on and off most of the day.

good thing there was some Hot Apple Cider in a barn for guests to get cozy.

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  1. GREAT set of images!
    (Drooling over that giant shrimp cocktail, too!MmmMmMMm!)