Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring for Wildlife at Baldpate Mountain

This week really zipped buy.  The weather has been cool and crisp and the sky blue. Yesterday was a great day to be outside supporting the Mercer County Wildlife Center at the Spring for Wildlife Festival, way atop Baldpate Mountain.  Finally, I would get inside the house I have been snooping around and peering into the windows for the last few years.  And wouldnt you  know, I did not take one picture of it inside or out.

It is amazing what has been going on  there.  From what I learned the old Kuser estate on Baldpate Mountain is now owned by Mercer County Parks.  They have added a magnificent patio to the back of what I still think might have been the original kitchens and a sort of mess hall.  It looked really nice.  Fresh new bathrooms are working.   Still there is much to do.  Of the many buildings on the property that I know of, and I dont know them all, this is the worst of the ones I've seen.  Somehow beautiful in its disrepair.

I was able to grab a few good images of the eagle and owl on display with their handlers.  I had taken several of these two and was not that happy with one of them...this was the best one, but their was a third peg.  Do you see the pegs coming out of the wall.  The third one looked like it was coming out of her mouth, so I removed it in Photoshop Elements 8 and added some hair to finish covering it up.  hehehehehehe I cant believe last year I was Photoshop Phobic.
The Eagle, having fallen WITH her nest, out of a tree broke her wing and the ultimate damage to it would keep her from hunting, thus surviving.  She is now in the care of the Wildlife Center.  Hard to believe but she only weighs 12 pounds.
The view from the patio goes down the mountain all the way to the River. 
Phillips in Stockton, provided wines for tasting.
There was soft music as the guests made their way around the tables of food. 
The sun was shining warm.
 I was delighted to see Doreen, from Inn of the Hawk in Lambertville. 
Revere was there to show support and Marcillios too.  A few places I never heard of like
TRENTON SOCIAL sounded worth investigating.
I wondered about the eagle and decided to go have another look from outside, using the window as a sort of frame.  She did me the honor of looking out as I looked in.  It was a rather odd sensation I felt having her look at me, from in there.

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