Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wednesdays and NYC

I'm not really sure how many years Patti and I have been getting together on Wednesdays for
either a movie and dinner or an all day event to enjoy the culture and arts around us.
Yesterday we went into NYC to see ONCE.
We arrived early and went to St. Malachy's The Actors Chapel and I learned there is a
Patron St. of Artists.

When we arrived at the theatre the stage was full of musicians jamming and ticket holders.  I did not realize it was part of the show until I snapped and got a finger wagging from the lady in red.

It was a great show! 
Sister, if you are reading we had lunch at the Bangkok House and this time I ordered
the Chicken Coconut Soup.  It came with 2 pieces of Chicken. HA! 
We had the prix fix and with tip it was 10 bucks a piece. 
Can't beat that price for lunch in NYC.  Keep in mind after the theatre we went for a drink.

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