Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Washington Crossing State Park, Young Soldiers, Bluebirds and A Soaring Eagle

With my guest, Pat, visiting this past weekend  it seemed to make a lot of sense to take her to the Sheep Shearing event right down the road at  Washington Crossing State Park.

I have never been and it was very interesting.  The kids that came by the busloads were very well behaved.  They learned what it was like to be a soldier during the REVOLUTION.
They watched demonstrations.
Sheep Shearing and Bread Making


We got lucky and were given a private tour of the Thompson-Neely House

Our luck continued when we walked over to the Soldiers Graves along the canal
and bluebirds were staking out there home.
  As we sat on a bench chatting and eating our peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches I felt a shadow cross over my body...
.I looked up to the sky and saw the flared out white feathers of a......
YUP AN was a beautiful thing.

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