Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Catching Up at the Ace Cafe

Cant decide if I should just add from the last few days of London or go back to beginning.
I suppose I have plenty of time to decide.
It was a full day adventure starting with finding the right train and links via under and over ground only to have our transportation terminated a few stops before we wanted to get off due to track flooding.
We hopped on a bus and navigated as best we could until we saw the motorcycles just beyond the closed station that we should have been able to get to.
First things first, to deal with the damp and cold...HOT COCOA.
We took to a table and what to our surprise the next band to hit the stage sat down right across from us.

Saw some real fun people.

Heard some fine music

Saw some cool bikes.
Did I mention the people....?

some real characters

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