Saturday, September 21, 2013

London Day 10 The British Museum

It was late in the evening on September 5th that we left our home to fly over the pond and explore the great city of London. We arrived the following morning on the 6th and spent our last full day there, September 15 at the British Museum
I'm sure this would have to be considered one of the great museums of the world.  I am no museum expert but I have been to some of what I would consider the greatest:
and many other large and lots of small intimate museums that tell a unique story like my all time favorite,
The British Museum is huge and can be somewhat overwhelming so consider doing your research before you go.  Although general admission is free, there is a fee for the special exhibits and we learned that there were also timed admissions so it would probably be a good idea to get your tickets ahead of time online or be prepared to hang out for a long while.  We would have had to wait 5 or 6 hours to enter the
We were not too disappointed as there was plenty to do and see in this great museum.

If you don't float me down the Delaware River in a boat on fire, I'll take an Olympus urn please!

So much GOLD!

I think of all the exhibits in this museum, the clocks were a real fascination and I would have to say one of my favorites.  Look close and you will see in the middle of the steps on this gold war ship with canons, a small round clock.

The Egyptian collection was also beyond imagination with full stone walls to tell the stories.
And of course, one cant walk in and out of this museum without at least looking at the Rosetta Stone even though it is just a slab of rock with letters the average person can make no sense of no matter how long you stand there and look at it.


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