Friday, September 20, 2013

Delaware Chews at the Locale, Which Is Not Local at All

County Hall was a building and just may be an area as well.  I can't really figure it out.  It was where the Premier Inn was located and across the street was The Locale Cucina Italiana with an address including County Hall.  We stopped into the Locale, early in our stay for cocktails and appetizers and had a fun time and some tasty snacks.  Furm had the Pizza Rolls and I had the Bruschetta and then some Calamari.  The bartenders Anna and Luigi, and the Bar Manager Kyle were so warm and friendly.  Kyle even took the time to write down some suggestions for our travel adventures. 
I took some fun pictures of Luigi who asked me to send them to him so I did. I got a response requesting that I post one on Trip Advisor, (you can click that link to see the review).  Only I don't think they post people pictures because I don't see the one of Luigi. Its back on Day 2.
The Bruschetta was very unusual with four different delicious toppings on each piece of toasted bread.

Luigi made some very colorful drinks.

While there we had checked out the full menu and thought it would be a nice idea to return for dinner before leaving town.  So we did!
Again, the staff was gracious and friendly and the food was great.  The waitress, Valentina, was very nice and assured me that the cook would revise the seafood dish to eliminate the mussels for me.  I am always so delighted when I can get just what I want with minor menu changes.
Anna recognized us and came over to say hi.  How cute is that?  Anyway I told her about the review and shortly thereafter another manager, Matt, came to our table. He told us the picture of Luigi was now serving as the restaurant computer's screen saver.  We got giggling over that. He wondered if we wanted desert...which we didn't and then offered COCKTAILS...which of course we accepted. 
One of the best Cosmos ever!


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