Friday, December 20, 2013

Foodie Friday Garlic

Seems I have been out to eat a lot but cant say I have been to any place new to review for you.
Visited Lambertville twice this week, eating breakfast at the Full Moon and lunch at Cross Cultural on Kline Street.  Had Dinner last night at the Washington Crossing Inn.  In fact, it was there that I learned to love Roasted Garlic and when I love a food, I want to eat it and that means I have to make it.

The easiest way I found to roast garlic is to simply wrap it in foil with a dab of butter and a splash of water and maybe a pinch of dried thyme.and pop it in the oven about an hour before dinner.  Most recently, I had the occasion to whip up a bunch.  I like to slice the pointy tips of the tops by cutting one third off the bulb.  If any cloves are beneath that cut I prick off the tops with the tip of my knife.   In this instance I lined a small baking dish with foil, topped and pricked 3 cloves and threw the tops in the foil as well.  These are great to nibble on when squeezing the cool whole cloves from their papery skins.  Sometimes I drizzle oil and sometimes I top each clove with a teaspoon or so of butter.  Pour in just enough water to cover the foil, wrap and bake for about 45 minutes at 350.  Let cool and squeeze out the cloves. If you don't eat it all right up on fresh crusty bread, it can be stored in a small jar with a bit of oil.

I should probably mention that it is possible that some of the most desired benefits of eating garlic maybe decreased by heating it this way....but it is so delicious.

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