Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Funday

It is unlikely to be too much fun today as the rain is coming and the river will be rising.
I did however have a lot of fun yesterday when I met members of my family for lunch that I have not seen in way too long.  The Lambertville Station was the perfect venue and the service was perfectly invisible.  Funny thing about family is that even if you don't see them in a long while the similarities and comfort level is always there.  We all ordered the same cocktail.
Laural, Josh, Fala, Ralph, Nancy, Robert, Ben, Janice, Rita, Marcia
My mother was in her glory on this day as spending time with her family is one of her greatest joys.

I have not had the pleasure of seeing these young men since they were little boys.

Soon there will be another member of our family as Ben has a fiancé.
Patience with me and my camera was waning as the sun glared and prepared to set.  My mom likes
to be on her way so she can drive home before dark.
Sometimes it absolutely sucks being the photog because I rarely get into the pictures.
I clipped this from the above so my sister and mother could be alone together for
a moment.


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