Friday, August 15, 2014

Delaware Cruise on the BMW K1600 to the Hudson Valley Day 1

Gotta rethink this blog.  Been doing it long enough to have more than 41 followers and 700 hits a month.

It's Friday and I figure I'll tell you a little about our motorcycle ride and give you a little doggie love and foodie too.

Left the crossing at about 10 am last Saturday, knowing MaraBella was walked and fed, and would be in good hands with dog sitters.  Aaron has been giving her flying lessons.
It was a cool morning and beautiful day for a ride.  I found myself peeling off layers at each stop we made.  519 is a favorite route of ours and I have been wanting to stop at Space Farms which is on this route so it was easy to pick out the first leg.  We picked it up north of Stockton, but you can also pick it up just outside of Milford if you want to ride the river a bit longer.  If you decide to follow this route, I strongly urge you to look very carefully at a map before you go.  You can be driving along checking out the scenery and not notice that 519 might require a left turn, or right at a fork in the road.  We ate breakfast at home, but if you get an early start, I can recommend the Alpha Family Restaurant in Alpha, NJ, or Thissoldous Eatery in Belvidere, two places we have enjoyed before, serving good food at reasonable prices.  Meanwhile, if you do what we did and need a place to make a pit stop there is a Quick Check at the Route 80 intersection, that is clean.  519 gets particularly hairy around Newton, so keep your eyes on the signs.
Although we had no intention of visiting the Zoo at Space Farm, as it turned out we arrived just in time for feeding and were strongly encouraged to walk the grounds since all the animals would be in full view to eat.  I'm not a big fan of zoos although I love animals so we took the advice and did see some beautiful fox, huge bears, amazing wild cats, the black leopard was stunning, and a bunch of other critters.  The double fence cages were difficult to photograph through so I did not take a lot of animal photos.  The museum was a real treat with the car collection, a spectacular attraction if you are into those kind of things.   Buicks, Fords, Lincoln, a Jewett, wagons and some real one of a kinds.
There was also a nice motorcycle collection, toys, lots and lots of farm equipment, a gem collection, doll collection, taxidermy area, and more.  A real place to get a peak into American History.

Our visit lasted way longer than we had anticipated. Lucky for us they had a small little restaurant so we split a piece of pizza to hold us over until our next stop for a decent meal at Emerald Point.  BTW you are not far from High Point NJ, so if your only out for the day you can eat more than half a slice and head over to the highest point in NJ, before returning on the same route home.  Since we were planning a few nights out we put Emerald Point Restaurant & Marina into the GPS and were on our way, heading off 519 and into NY.
  What a fantastic setting on a beautiful lake.  Furman had a crab cake sandwich and I went with the home made vegie burger. Both plates came with fries and pickles and we were both stuffed when we finished.  Service was friendly.  I would definitely want to visit this place again.
From the restaurant it was a short ride to our Airb&b residence in the town of Haverstraw.  We were greeted by our most delightful host, unpacked, and took a stroll down the main drag to see the moon rise over the Hudson. 


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