Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents

Went to Parx Race Track to celebrate a friends 48th birthday and place some bets on the horses.
Common Cents would dictate that you cant pick your winners by the likes of their names.  I didn't use any common cents at all.  When I saw a horse in the running with the name Moe Larry Curly, I had to take a chance.  No common cents I tell you.  But we had a good afternoon out with friends and I played with Olympia Omde, and it was all well worth it.  So let me revise.  If you are going to place bets or gamble with your hard earned income I suggest you set your limit and stick to it.  We had a few cocktails, an enjoyable lunch with friends, placed a few $2. bets and had an afternoon watching the horses flex their muscles and run, for less then our pasta dinners last night at Plan B.  NOW THATS COMMON CENTS.

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