Friday, August 1, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at Cafe Alessio in Doylestown

Had a lovely day with my sister, starting with a light lunch at Café Alessio and ending after our visit to the James Michener Museum in Doylestown
In regards to the restaurant, It had a rather large and diverse menu so it took a while to narrow down our selection. We started by sharing Joe's Bangin Shrimp, which were delicious little one bite off the tail shrimp, smothered in a buffalo sauce and served with blue cheese for dipping.  To follow, we each ordered a soup and to accompany them, we got an order of Crostini with garlic and melted brie.
Sister ordered a Seafood Bisque and I chose the Tomato Basil.  Although our host did everything he could to compensate for the errors, once the errors were made well...they were made.
We asked for our Bangin Shrimp to come first and our soups and crostini to come second.  We sent back the soups that arrived first.  As indicated the Shrimp were delicious.  The soups...not so much.
Mine was bland and boring.  Sister indicated that hers was more potato than seafood. 
Mine came with a dirty spoon...EW.  We had to ask for fresh napkins because the ones that wrapped our utensils were icky/dirty.  It was nice to spend this time with my sister and the setting although on a street corner with lots of traffic was nice due to the wonderful weather we had.  There are enough restaurants in Doylestown to explore that I'm not sure if I will be trying this one again.  Those shrimp were pretty good maybe.

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